Pueblo is being overrun by big city problems!

Strong leadership is needed now! 
Chris Nicoll has a bold plan to make Pueblo a safer city and restore our future! 

Vote Chris Nicoll for Mayor – Chieftain Endorsement 2018 - Nicoll is the mayor our city needs. The Pueblo Chieftain recommends Chris Nicoll for mayor of Pueblo

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Let's face it, our city is declining before our very eyes and no one is doing anything about it...

Pueblo is being overrun by big city problems like rising violent crime, blighted neighborhoods, drugs, gangs, homelessness, and poverty. We desperately need a mayor with a solid strategy for addressing these issues. If left unchecked, our city will no longer be able to attract economic development opportunities. Pueblo will be faced with a population decline as our citizens flee to safer more prosperous cities. 

Pueblo needs a Strong Mayor. We simply need the right mayor. We can no longer afford to re-elect the failed leaders of the past, or inexperienced freshman city council members who have yet to complete their first term in office!  This election is just too important to our city and its citizens.

Chris Nicoll has a bold plan that will make Pueblo a safer city and address major problems like: crime, homelessness, blighted neighborhoods, rampant theft, shoplifting, and a lack of affordable housing. 

brown concrete building during daytime

Watch this video to learn more about Chris' bold plan to address the major issues our city is facing...

Chris Nicoll is running for mayor and he is sounding the alarm about Pueblo's Big City Problems! 

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